Thursday, November 13, 2008

Justin Richel, Rangley Maine

Stack of birds or Stack of sweets BUT maybe it is the talking librarian....I am which of Justin Richel's pieces is my favorite. I love what his statement says about the sweets paintings.

"In the midst of an entirely barren and empty 'landscape', void of anything other than a multitude of sugar coated inhabitants. The many shapes and sizes, parts and pieces of a greater whole come together to construct towering mountains, pillars of sugary strength and the destructive forces of confectionery whirlwinds and tsunamis. A flawed yet functional infrastructure. A conglomerate society of multi-colored temptations, vying for the same hierarchical position at the top of the heap."

You can look at more stacks on his etsy site. The talking paintings can be found on a separate etsy site.

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